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Buying Additional  Tokens

Unlocked means an available course or assessment
Unlocked padlocks against a module or assessment means it is available for viewing.  Click on the title to open GoTo my details to but tokensTo buy tokens Click on the Shadow icon and then from the My details page navigation select Buy Tokens

Choose either a course or a number of tokens, select quantity and click Add to Basket.  If you want more then select another item from the drop down list and again add to basket.

When you are ready to pay select the orange Pay for Tokens Button.

If you require an invoice to raise a PO against then click on Invoice me for Tokens Button.  You will receive an estimate in your email which relevant details attached,

If you payment is successful then you will have tokens under the My Tokens heading where you can track their usage.  When you click on an assessment the system automatically reduced your token count by one.
Locked padlocks means no course available or an action to open the assessment A locked module means that it is not yet available and a locked assessment means you should complete the module first then take the assessment.
My Account is behind this button In the top right hand side you will see your shadow in orange... this takes you to the My Account page where you can purchase tokens, print certificates, view your achievements, check your tokens and edit your details.
Use this to select a specific course Top left of the page is the Menu button that allows you to scroll down the page to specific areas including courses and contacts
Buy Tokens When you take the assessment the system checks if you have tokens and if not directs you to the buy tokens page.  You need tokens to complete assessments
Request Tokens If you need a token and do not have one then you could request a token from a sponsor... they get to see your name and company in exchange for a free assessment.
My Details
My Address
Your personal details are stored here for your own convenience and under your control.  Email addresses are added to our Email system with your ability to unsubscribe.  Your address is only stored to save you time when ordering new tokens. We are on the Data Protection register.  WE DO NOT STORE CREDIT CARD DETAILS Manager Function

The more tokens purchased the cheaper they are.  Companies can buy larger quantities of tokens and allocate them to their staff.

This is achieved by simply adding an email to your staff member along with the quantity of tokens to be allocated.  You will find these fields in the My Tokens section.

When tokens have been allocated it is them possible to view reports on staff training through a spreadsheet compatible  file available in the downloadToken Buttonmanagers My Details > My Tokens page against each purchased group of tokens.
My tokens You can view your tokens here either purchased or provided by your manager or even a sponsor...

NOTE:  As a manager you can allocate tokens to your team and view their progress by downloading the reports against each token
My Achievements This is the ego wall of CDMLearning,com. Where you can see your success in one place
My Certificates CDM2015 regulations require that you prove your knowledge and printing these certificates provide all the proof you need